How to put on your Bunneze

Step 1

Place bunneze over your head and around your neck. your Bunneze can be worn as a neck warmer at this stage.

When you are ready to protect your hair, make sure that the tag at the back of Your neck is central

Step 2

Pull your Bunneze up onto your forehead

Holding onto the bunneze at your forehead, pull the other end over your head and down your hair.
Still holding the forehead end, pull down on both ribbons to enclose your hair.

Step 3

Thread the ribbons through the tag at the back. grab a ribbon with each hand, pull the ribbons and tie in a bow.

tie a double knot when riding.
you can also tighten your bunneze around your head at this stage. just use the press studs located in the tag at The back of your neck.
to remove Simply grab your bunneze at your forehead and pull off backwards. no need to untie first.

Anatomy of a Bunneze

What Makes Bunneze so Awesome

The fabric we chose is technical fabric, chosen for some its very special properties essential for our hair protectors.

Smooth and soft! very important being on the delicate and sensitive skin areas on neck and head. Also, this is a must when wearing under a helmet for hours on end. Smoothness was chosen because rough fabrics can cause hair breakages and split ends and since this product is for protecting hair that is exactly what I wanted it to do! 

The stitches. I wanted to make sure that the seams were as flat as possible whilst holding up to being stretched. 

The seam that sits on the head was deliberately placed further back to avoid any stitching siting on the forehead or on the ears. This was especially important for anyone wearing a helmet. 

The bow is made out of satin fabric to avoid hair breakages, for ease of tying and also because it flows so beautifully in the wind. 

Breathability was very important. Air needed to be able to move both in and out of the fabric, especially on the head. But the weave still needed to be small enough to maintain excellent UV coverage. 

UV protection, as no one wants crunchy dried out straw for hair, trust me! 

Stretchy. This was important to provide comfort while still giving a lot of support holding the hair in a bun and allowing movement. Also to allow the garments to be multifunctional and used as a neck warmer.

Wicking was important too. I looked into water resistant but that took away too much from the other important qualities so fabric that removed water from your skin and then allowed it to evaporate quickly and easily was the best solution. The weave of the fabric and the materials of the fabric helps with this.  

Added Feature – Bunneze has press studs in the back loop which can tighten the fabric around the head giving added support when needed.

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